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What is Intra-Family Car Insurance Coverage?

Family Members Injured in Car Accident

Imagine being involved in a car accident in which you and your family are seriously injured – you begin to acquire thousands in medical expenses and lost wages, amounting to financial strain, but you are unable to seek compensation from the insurance company. There is a great possibility this could happen to you if you are in an accident in which one of your family member’s was at fault.

Many individuals who find themselves in this situation are unable to pursue a personal injury claim due to a clause within their insurance policy. Personal injury attorney Charlie Contrada aims to educate readers so they may protect themselves against such situations.

Intra-Family Lawsuits in Ohio

Intra-family personal injury claims apply to those car accident victims who have suffered injuries as passengers in a vehicle that was operated by their own family member (i.e. father, mother, brother, sister, spouse). Personal injury claims brought against a family member in these types of situations are considered to be intra-family lawsuits. Unfortunately, there is a major problem when it comes to intra-family lawsuits in that most people do not have insurance coverage to cover such claims. This leaves them without the money to cover the damages from the car accident, including the medical bills associated with their family member’s injuries.

Contrada & Associates wishes to educate motorists on the importance of purchasing intra-family car insurance coverage. It is extremely beneficial to review your insurance policy with your agent, face-to-face, to make sure that intra-family exclusion is not part of it. Motorists should know that even if a full-coverage policy is purchased, they are not guaranteed to have coverage when it comes to the injury of family members.

Intra-Family Car Insurance

If your insurance policy contains phrases such as “intra-family exclusion,” “household exclusion,” or “family exclusion,” you could suffer serious financial consequences in the event that your family is involved in a vehicle accident.

In attorney Charlie Contrada’s opinion, the intra-family exclusion is included in insurance policies in order to protect insurance companies from paying out valid claims. It fails a great number of victims who are unable to seek damages for car accident injuries because they were not aware that they lacked protection. 

Personal Injury Attorney: Car Insurance Advice

This issue can be avoided if motorists review their car insurance policy in a face-to-face meeting with their agent to make sure that it includes intra-family coverage. Personal injury attorney Charlie Contrada strongly believes in sharing this knowledge with motorists as he knows the financial strains such issues can cause if a family does not have coverage for injuries.

To learn more about intra-family insurance coverage and how it may affect a personal injury lawsuit, call car accident attorney Charlie Contrada at 419.841.4400. He will speak to you personally over the phone in order to help you better understand how intra-family car insurance coverage can help you in the event that your family members suffer injury in a car accident. 

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