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Injured on Defective Exercise Equipment

People are known to suffer injuries at the gym, but these are generally sports-related injuries that are caused by overuse of an area of the body, or even improper form. No one expects to be injured by a piece of exercise equipment, but unfortunately this is known to happen.

When visiting a gym or fitness facility, a member should not have to worry about whether or not the equipment is kept up-to-code or safe to use. Attorney Charlie Contrada has first-hand experience with defective exercise equipment product liability cases and can help those who have suffered injury while at their gym to seek compensation.

Defective Workout Equipment

If a piece of workout equipment is defective and an individual becomes injured on it, they may pursue legal action against the manufacturer of the defective exercise equipment. There have been reports of certain models of equipment being recalled due to product defects, putting those who use the equipment at the gym at risk. 

If the injured individual chooses to do so, they may also file a legal claim against the gym or fitness facility. A products liability attorney can help the individual decide if they should pursue legal action against the facility or not, as oftentimes the gym or fitness facility does not have prior knowledge of the defective equipment.

Filing a Claim for Faulty Equipment

There are numerous recalls every year for different types of exercise equipment, some of which are purchased by gyms and others that are purchased by individuals for their home.

There are different reasons for product defects so it is advised for those injured on such equipment to seek the guidance of a products liability attorney. The attorneys at Contrada & Associates have experience with product liability, including defective exercise equipment and can provide the necessary steps to take in order to receive the deserved compensation for injuries.

To speak to attorney Charlie Contrada about the experience that you have had with faulty exercise equipment, call 419.841.4400. Attorney Contrada will review the situation with you and offer his advice regarding the proper legal steps to take.  

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