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Hit by Car in Toledo Metropark

Toledo has a number of metroparks that offer a beautiful place to not only be active, but also to enjoy nature. The Metroparks of the Toledo area include 11 metroparks that offer a clean, safe and natural place. Common activities at the park include walking or running on trails, riding bicycles, having get-togethers with family and friends, and an array of outdoor activities.

For the most part, the Toledo Metroparks are a safe place to be active and they strive to make their parks as safe as possible. There is a an enforced speed limit within the metroparks that allow adults and children to run, walk, bike and play without facing the risk of fast-moving vehicles. However, there are instances in which a motorist may fail to follow the enforced speed limit or be unaware of their surroundings.

If an individual is injured in an accident within a metropark, it is very important that they seek legal guidance. If involved in a car accident within a park, it is likely that the collision is between a vehicle and a pedestrian or bicyclist, increasing the odds of serious injury.

Attorney Charlie Contrada reminds readers that one of the most dangerous situations that exist in metroparks is cars backing out of spaces. With bigger vehicles such as SUVs and trucks, sometimes smaller cars cannot see until they are halfway out of the parking space. If you are walking or running through a parking area, please watch the rear lights of vehicles even during the daytime. Being aware of vehicles backing out of spaces can help to avoid an unexpected accident.

Car Accidents in Metroparks

There are several reasons why car accidents occur, including driver distraction and the failure to follow roadway markings. However, when operating a vehicle inside of a Toledo Metropark, there are certain guidelines that must be followed specific to the park.

One special guideline that motorists must follow within the metroparks is the reduced speed limit. Having a low speed limit helps to prevent collisions between vehicles and the pedestrians within the park. Motorists must also act with caution when approaching crosswalks that intersect with trails as it is the vehicle’s responsibility to wait for any walker, runner, or bicyclist that may cross. The failure to do so could result in a vehicle-pedestrian accident.

There are also some metroparks with one-way roads, allowing pedestrians to enjoy more space and peace of mind only having to watch for one lane of traffic. If a motorist fails to follow the one-way road, there is an increased risk of an accident occurring. Park attendees are accustomed to watching for vehicles at certain areas of the park, making an unexpected oncoming vehicle a serious issue.

Injured in Toledo Metropark

If you were involved in a car accident at one of the Metroparks of Toledo and sustained injuries from the collision, you should contact a car accident lawyer. Attorney Charlie Contrada has helped victims of car-pedestrian accidents to receive compensation for the injuries they suffered, the resulting medical bills, time off of work, and many other effects of the car accident injury.

To speak to attorney Charlie Contrada about the Toledo Metropark accident that you were involved in, call 419.841.4400. Attorney Contrada will review the accident with you and will offer guidance regarding the legal steps that you should take.


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