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Child Injured While Playing Sports

Many parents get their children involved in sports at a young age as a way to begin an active lifestyle and to teach discipline. While sports are not considered incredibly dangerous at a young age, there is a risk that exists as children get older and become more involved in contact play. For example, Pop Warner football leagues do not have the high-intensity collisions that high school football leagues do.

One of the things that both parents and children assume as they become involved in sports is that there is a risk for injury, whether it is due to overuse or to contact with another individual on the field. When an individual is injured on the field during play, they are not able to pursue legal action due to what is defined as the Sports Assumption of the Risk.

Sports Assumption of the Risk

A participant in a sporting event is expected to be knowledgeable that there is a chance that they may become injured. If an individual is then injured during play with another participant, even if they violate a rule of the game, there is no legal liability available. Any person who engages in a sport is expected to have assumed the risk of injuries that exists with other participants.

Injured out of Normal Assumption

Instances do exist in which an injury may occur outside of the normal assumption of risk. In these rare situations, there is a possibility to pursue legal action due to the dangerous conditions or actions that caused the injury.

Examples of things that fall out of the normal assumption of the risk include the below:

  • Dangerous playing fields – dangerous conditions of the field/court (i.e. corner of end zone on a running track )
  • Improper coaching – practices that fail to follow OHSSA guidelines (i.e. dangerous drills, player-to-player contact)
  • Failure to recognize illness – if a trained coach fails to recognize signs of illness, resulting in health issues (i.e. dehydration)
  • Assault – contact outside of play (i.e. altercations when shaking hands)

If your child has suffered injury due to something that falls outside of the normal assumption of risk, it is wise to seek a personal injury attorney as legal action can likely be pursued. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is key to successfully receiving compensation for such injuries as they will take the proper legal steps on your behalf. Cases of this nature can be very confusing without the guidance of a professional.

To speak to attorney Charlie Contrada about a sports injury that can be attributed to an incident that does not fall under the normal assumption of risk, call 419.841.4400. Attorney Contrada can help you and your child pursue legal action and receive the compensation that is deserved for the injuries and pain and suffering that has resulted.

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