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What to Do at the Scene of a Car Accident

When involved in a car accident, things can seem to be moving a million miles a minute. It is important to stay calm, ensure the safety of you and your passengers if on a busy road, and get information from the other motorist involved.

Call the Police after a Car Accident

Immediately following your car accident, you should call the police. Doing so will allow a police officer to get to the scene of the accident, ensure that everyone is safe, block traffic if necessary, and file a police report.

Exchange Information with Other Driver

It is very important to try to exchange information with the other driver if they are willing after a car accident. When doing so, make sure you get the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Insurance information
  • Car insurance information

Following the accident, ask to see the other driver’s car insurance card. Having all of the necessary information will make the insurance process much easier.

Taking Pictures of the Accident

Taking photos of the scene of the accident can be important for your car accident claim. If you are physically able to do so, use your cell phone to take photos right after the accident, documenting the damages that resulted. When doing so, take a picture of the location of the vehicles, documenting where they came to rest after the collision. You will want to share these photos with your car accident attorney because the more information that they have, the stronger that your case can be.

Our personal injury attorneys remind you that your physical health is more important than capturing photos of the accident, so do not risk further injury by taking photos.

Seek Medical Attention

It is a good idea to seek immediate medical attention following a car accident because for most people, the adrenaline will kick in and they may not experience symptoms at the scene of the crash. In attorney Charlie Contrada’s experience handing car accident cases, he has seen the onset of symptoms vary:

  • 40% of people experience injury symptoms at the scene of the crash
  • 20% experience symptoms later that day
  • 30% do not experience symptoms until the following morning
  • 10% do not experience symptoms for a day or two after the accident

Attorney Charlie Contrada believes that most family practice physicians would agree with the percentages above. If you experience any injuries or pain at the scene of the car accident, it is imperative that you see a medical professional.

Many car accident victims do not seek medical attention because they think “the pain will go away,” or that “it’s not that serious,” but this way of thinking can negatively affect your personal health if you don’t receive medical attention.

Personal injury attorney Charlie Contrada has seen many instances of men and women in excellent health and good shape that are under the illusion that their injuries following a car accident are similar to the pain following an intense physical workout. What these car accident victims do not seem to realize is how many thousands of pounds of force it took to crush their car in or push their car forward an entire car length from a resting stop. For example, our office did a fundraiser for a local high school where people could pay to take a sledgehammer to a car. Only the strongest high school students were able to put a dent in the car with a sledgehammer. It takes a lot of force to damage a vehicle.

The insurance companies will look closely at how soon you seek treatment following your car accident and use it against you if you delay treatment for very long. When it comes to receiving treatment for car accident injuries, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

If injuries have resulted from your car accident, contacting a car accident attorney will not only make things much easier for you, but also increase your chances of receiving a favorable personal injury settlement. They will work on your behalf, communicate with the insurance company, and go through all of the necessary legal steps.

Car Accident in Toledo

When involved in a car accident, doing the above will help your car accident claim. If your accident occurred in the Toledo area, call Contrada & Associates for guidance regarding your car accident claim. Our attorneys have handled thousands of car accident cases and can help you to receive the compensation that you deserve. Call 419.841.4400 to speak with an attorney about your accident and receive advice regarding the steps that you should take.

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Attorney Charlie Contrada has been practicing law since 1979, focusing his career on personal injury, car accident, and mesothelioma cases. Over the years, Charlie has helped thousands of clients throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan to receive the settlements that they deserve.

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