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Car Accident Caused by Defective Vehicle

With the increased number of recalls that exist on vehicles today, it’s no surprise that there are vehicle accidents that are caused by defective vehicles. There are several results of accidents that are caused by defective vehicles, including injury accidents or even fatal car accidents.

Vehicle Defects

There are several types of common vehicle defects that have the potential to cause car accidents. The defects can be due to a variety of things, such as the manufacturing process or even the basic design of the vehicle or a specific car part. Below is a list of common defects that often result in vehicle accidents:

  • Improper vehicle structure
  • Defective safety equipment – seatbelts, airbags
  • Defective brake system
  • Improper wiring of vehicle
  • Defective fuel system and tanks
  • Defective tires

Our personal injury attorneys remind any victim of a defective product to NOT dispose of the product after the incident occurs. In order to pursue damages for injuries sustained due to a defective product, the individual must physically have the defective product. This means that if you are involved in an accident which was caused by a defective car part (airbag, seatbelt, brakes, etc.), do not get rid of your vehicle. Your car is your only proof. You must be able to prove that there is a defect. If you have questions about the product that caused your injury and what you should do, call Contrada & Associates at 419.841.4400.

Recalled Vehicle Accidents

Automakers have the responsibility to provide the public with safe vehicles to drive. If they fail to do so, motorists are able to seek compensation for any injuries that may result from this.

We advise any individual who has suffered an injury from a defective vehicle part, especially if it has been recalled, to contact a personal injury attorney. When injuries occur due to the negligence of a company, manufacturer, or distributor, a legal claim can be made.

Defective Vehicle: Personal Injury Attorney

To speak to a personal injury attorney from Contrada & Associates about the defective vehicle or car part that caused your injury, call 419.841.4400. Our personal injury attorneys have helped countless victims of defective products to pursue legal claims for their injuries.

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