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Defective Drugs & Pharmaceutical Malpractice

A defective drug is either a prescription or an over-the-counter medication that has caused an individual harm. Injuries from a drug defect can be the result of many things, including the following:

  • Dangerous side effects – the drug could result in unwanted side effects due to insufficient research
  • Wrong prescription – your doctor could have prescribed the wrong prescription altogether, causing serious medical issues
  • Improperly filled – the pharmacist could have filled your prescription with the wrong medication or a dosage that is not prescribed

Defective Drug Causes injury

There are a variety of drugs that have been deemed ‘defective’ and have resulted in numerous lawsuits. There is a large range of effects that can occur from defective drugs, such as:

  • Negative interactions – certain drugs cannot be taken together, so if your doctor prescribed two drugs that result in negative interactions, there is a potential for serious injury
  • Risk of heart conditions – some drugs have been proven to increase an individual’s risk for heart conditions; if this occurs, seek a lawyer as soon as possible
  • Life-threatening conditions – some defective drugs have been linked to dangerous and life-threatening conditions like blood clots and the blockage of the pulmonary arteries
  • Birth defects – certain antidepressant drugs have been linked to birth defects that affect the heart, lungs, and may result in facial abnormalities

Filing a Defective Drug Lawsuit

If you or your loved one has been affected by the side-effects of a drug, whether it be due to an improper prescription or the pharmaceutical company’s failure to research the drug, you may be able to file a product liability claim. However, it is extremely difficult to bring a defective drug lawsuit because there are many Federal and State laws that prevent you from filing a claim even if you’ve been harmed. The first step in doing so is to seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

The personal injury attorneys at Contrada & Associates have helped countless individuals and families seek financial compensation for the injuries sustained due to the negligence of another, whether it is the fault of a drug company or a medical professional. To speak to an attorney about your experience with defective drugs or pharmaceutical malpractice, call our office at 419.841.4400.

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Attorney Charlie Contrada has been practicing law since 1979, focusing his career on personal injury, car accident, and mesothelioma cases. Over the years, Charlie has helped thousands of clients throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan to receive the settlements that they deserve.

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