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Toledo Zombie Bar Crawl: Don’t Get a Personal Injury Bite

The Adams Street Zombie Bar Crawl returns on October 24th with a night that is sure to be full of ghouls and goblins wandering the Toledo streets. With an increased number of people walking throughout Uptown Toledo, dressed in Halloween costumes and consuming alcohol, we caution drivers to be extra cautious and the participating ‘zombies’ to be aware of their surroundings.

Zombie Safety Tips

The Adams Street Zombie Bar Crawl has turned into a tradition that is cherished by many. It means dark clothing, painted faces, and alcohol consumption. Our personal injury attorneys remind Zombie Crawl participants to remember the following as they navigate through the streets of Uptown Toledo.

Zombies Avoiding Personal Injury

Even though it is common knowledge that zombies can’t die, here are a few tips to make it safely through the night.

  • Stick with a group of zombies – when participating in the zombie bar crawl, travel with a group of friends, just as you see in your favorite zombie TV show.
  • Travel on the sidewalk – do not walk in the road when traveling from bar to bar. Always use the sidewalk, and when crossing the road, be sure to do so in a crosswalk. This will reduce the chances of you and your zombie friends being involved in any accidents with vehicles.
  • If forced to walk in the road, remember to walk against traffic. It is also crucial that you look Left, Right, and Left before crossing.
  • Designate a driver or use a cab – if you plan on drinking during the Zombie Bar Crawl, it is imperative to have a designated driver at the end of the night, or to hire a cab to drive you home. Driving under the influence is never a good decision to make and can led to very serious car accidents.

Drivers Avoiding Personal Injury Bites

Drivers have to be extra cautious when traveling through the zombie-infested area of Uptown. Follow the below tips from our personal injury attorneys during the Adams Street Zombie Bar Crawl:

  • Zombies are difficult to see – the most important thing is that a majority of zombies will be dressed in dark clothing, making it even more difficult to see them. Those who are not dressed as zombies are likely to have Halloween costumes on, which are just as difficult to spot.
  • Drive defensive – when traveling near groups where it is likely that there will be individuals walking in the streets. Be very cautious and drive below posted speed limits. If an individual participating in the Zombie Bar Crawl is wearing anything on their head or face, it can make it even more difficult for them to see or hear.
  • Avoid the area if possible – with over 2,000 people invited to the bar crawl, the area will be very busy.

Adams Street Zombie Bar Crawl

Toledo’s Adams Street Zombie Bar Crawl initially started as a joke among friends, but 700 people showed up the first year and 1,500 people the next year. It has since become a tradition that involves many of the local bars in the Uptown area coming together. This Toledo event has also incorporated the Toledo School for the Arts, handling zombie make up at the 2013 bar crawl.

Personal Injury Attorney

In all seriousness, events such as the Zombie Bar Crawl increase the likelihood of injuries occurring. Whenever there is a concentration of individuals drinking alcohol and moving throughout the streets, there is a potential for danger. The advice of our personal injury attorneys is to always seek medical attention if injured due to the fault of another, as well as the guidance from a legal professional. If you have questions and would like to speak to someone at our law office, call Contrada & Associates at 419.841.4400.

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