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Motorcycle Safety during the Fall Season

As the season changes from summer to fall, there are increasing concerns of motorcycle safety. Inclement weather adds to the potential for accidents on the roadway that motorcyclists are more susceptible to.

There are several tips that motorcyclists should follow during the colder months of the year to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injury. Our motorcycle accident lawyers have listed tips below that can help Ohio motorcyclists be safe throughout this fall and winter.

Motorcycle Safety in the Fall & Winter

  • Don’t ride in the rain – wet roads are hazardous and can be slick for those operating a motorcycle. The first 30 minutes of a shower are even more dangerous if it has not rained in the days before the shower as there are certain substances on the roadway. If it begins to rain while you are riding your motorcycle, pull to the side of the road and wait until the first half-hour is over.
  • Wet leaves create a slippery roadway – pay attention to the roadway during the fall. Wet leaves can create a very slippery surface, increasing the changes of losing control of your motorcycle.
  • Wet leaves can hid potential hazards – wet leaves on the roadway can hide hazards such as potholes, road defects, and dangerous debris.
  • Drive through wet patches with caution – wet patches on the road can result in reduced traction. If you come across a wet patch that appears darker than dry pavement, stay off the brakes and straighten up the bike when driving through.
  • Wear appropriate gear – you should always wear safety gear when riding on your motorcycle. Our motorcycle accident lawyers recommend wearing a helmet, protective pants and jacket, motorcycle boots and riding gloves, raingear, and protective glasses. To learn more about the protective gear to wear, read our blog post about motorcycle accident prevention.

Motorcycle accident Caused by Vehicle

Many motorcycle accidents that occur are due to the fault of another vehicle, not the motorcyclist. The lawyers at our law office have helped countless victims of motorcycle accidents and their families by working on their behalf to secure the compensation that is deserved for the injuries.

If you or your loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident and you would like to learn about the legal options that you have, contact Contrada & Associates at 419.841.4400

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