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How long will my Personal Injury Lawsuit Take?

There is no definite answer to the length of time that a personal injury lawsuit takes to settle. The time is determined by multiple factors, including the client, your personal injury attorney, the case itself, and the amount of money that the case is worth.

Settling a Personal Injury Lawsuit

When going through the personal injury legal process, there are three main factors that play a role in the length of time that the lawsuit will take to settle.

  1. The incident or accident – if there are legal issues or undetermined facts associated with the case, the process will take longer.
  2. The money – if the compensation for a personal injury lawsuit is large, it is likely that the case will take longer to settle. In fact, many insurance companies will not settle a larger case unless a lawsuit is filed.
  3. Your injuries and recovery – the personal injury attorneys at Contrada & Associates do not recommend that clients settle a case before they have recovered from their injuries or have reached a point in which they are at their maximum improvement.

Your Personal Injury Accident

As stated above, if there are legal issues or factual disputes related to your personal injury case, it is likely that it will take longer to settle. In instances like this, your personal injury attorney may bring in experts on your behalf, which could include accident reconstructionists, expert witnesses, and others that can support your claim. However, the more experts and individuals involved with the case, the longer the lawsuit may take to settle.

The Worth of a Personal Injury Case

The more money that your lawsuit is worth, the longer it may take it settle. The worth of a lawsuit depends on a variety of factors, including the injuries sustained, the effect on the individuals work life (time off work, temporary or permanent limitations), emotional trauma, and the pain and suffering that has resulted from the accident, among other things.

Injury & Recovery Process

Your personal injury attorney will advise you not to settle your personal injury claim until you are fully recovered from your injuries, or you are at a point in which you know the permanent damage or limitations. The reason for this is because oftentimes, the recovery process may take longer than originally expected. For example, our attorneys have had clients in the past who have had to undergo follow-up surgeries that weren’t originally expected. If you decide to settle your lawsuit before you’re fully recovered or at a place where you know you are at maximum recovery, you may ultimately receive less money than what your medical expenses amount to in the end.

Personal Injury Attorney 

The best course of action to take to be sure that your personal injury lawsuit will be handled properly is to contact a personal injury attorney. Having an attorney guide you through the legal process will ensure that you are taking the appropriate steps toward a settlement and are not jeopardizing your claim.

To speak to one of the Toledo personal injury attorneys at Contrada & Associates, call 419.841.4400. When calling our office, you will be able to review your case with an attorney and learn what your legal options are.


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