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Driving Safely in Construction Zones

If you live in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan you probably have noticed that there is construction on almost every major highway in our area. Driving in construction zones can prove to be dangerous and hazardous. Knowing the proper way to drive in a construction zone can help prevent accidents and save the lives of construction workers and other motorists.


When driving through a construction zone, it is important to slow down & comply with all posted speed limits. In Ohio, if the speed limit sign has a white background that is the official speed limit. If the speed limit sign does not have a white background, it is only a warning. Drivers should also comply with all road crew flaggers for the safety of the workers in the construction zone. Don’t resume normal speed until you see the “End Construction Zone” sign.


When driving in a construction zone, knowing the space around you can help prevent accidents. Always leave room with the car in front of you and the cars around you. This allows you to leave yourself an out in case you have to quickly brake or make an evasive maneuver. Do not tailgate the car in front of you. If traffic stops suddenly, you are in danger of rear-ending the car in front of you. Avoid passing on the shoulder for the safety of the construction workers and your car could be damaged by construction debris that is on the shoulder.

Also, watch for signs in construction zones warning you about new traffic patterns. For those who commute to work through a long term construction zone, you get used to driving the same way, when there is a new traffic pattern, be alert and ready for new changes in the road. Lastly, keep eyes out for construction vehicles pulling on and off the roads, especially slow trucks entering the interstate from the median.


Driving in constructions zones can no doubt be frustrating. Always keep your cool. Getting frustrated will only lead to an accident.

Pay attention! Staying off your phone, not changing radio stations, staying in your lane and looking for brake lights ahead can help keep you driving safely through a construction zone. Concentrate on the road and not the construction. This will help keep you, other vehicles around you and the construction workers safe.

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