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Legal Consequences of Road Rage

While you are driving on the road, you never know who you are on the same road with. Over the last few years, drivers have become increasingly aggravated and aggressive and can create a situation which leads to motor vehicle accidents. Some people can keep themselves in check, but others become so enraged they purposely cause accidents in a fit of road rage.

What is Road Rage?

The Department of Motor Vehicles defines road rage as aggressive or violent behavior stemming from a driver’s uncontrolled anger at the actions of another motorist. Examples of road rage are:

  • Hitting another vehicle with your vehicle
  • Running other motorists off the road
  • Pulling over, getting out of your vehicle and engaging in a physical confrontation
  • Inciting the passengers in your vehicle to fight another driver
  • Using any sort of weapon to inflict harm on another driver or vehicle

Road Rage

Road Rage Triggers to Watch For

There are my factors that can trigger road rage. Know the signs and know how to get yourself to safety.  Look out for drivers who are engaging in the following as they might easily be triggered into road rage. If you see a driver demonstrating these behaviors on the road, give them space and avoid getting close to them.

  • Tailgating
  • Cutting other drivers off
  • Weaving through traffic
  • Speeding
  • Honking their horn
  • Brake checking
  • Flashing their headlights

What to do in a Road Rage Situation/Accident

In the unfortunate event of finding yourself in a road rage situation or a victim of an accident caused by a driver with road rage, you need to stay calm and do not engage the other driver. In this type of situation knowing what to do could make a huge difference.

  • Do not engage at any point
  • Keep moving and get away as soon as you can
  • Stay on busy well lit and traveled roads
  • Drive to a police station
  • Get the license plate number of the vehicle driving with road rage if possible and file a police report
  • If you are involved in an accident, call the police and stay in your vehicle. Under no circumstances should you roll down your window or exit the vehicle and engage the aggressor.

Consequences of Road Rage

If a law enforcement officer catches a driver engaging in road rage, they can be charged with a criminal offense. This means that they could:

  • Face increased insurance premiums
  • Go to court
  • Pay legal fees
  • Possibly face jail/prison time

In addition, they risk:

  • Damage to their vehicle and your vehicle.
  • Physical harm to themselves, you and your passengers.
  • Death

Remember, your insurance coverage only kicks in if you are negligent. Every car insurance policy excludes intentional acts. If you purposely crash into another vehicle your coverage will be denied and if the other party sues, you will be forced to pay out of your own pocket.

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