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Liability for Swimming Pool Accidents

Summer is the season to beat the heat. Many Ohioans either have a private swimming pool on their property, know a friend or family member who does or swims at their local public pool. As fun as swimming is, pool owners need to be aware that it comes with extremely important responsibilities. In Ohio, homeowners can be found liable for injuries that occur on their property which includes accidents in or near swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Types of Swimming Pool Accidents

  • Slips, Falls and Pool Slide Injuries – these can be a result of slippery surfaces, dangerous behavior around or in the pool and malfunctioning slides.
  • Drowning/Entrapment – young children and poor swimmers unsupervised can lead to accidental drowning as well as a suction force leading to hair entrapment/entanglement can lead to serious head injuries.
  • Pool Toy Entrapment – flipped or tangled inflatable pool toys can trap young children under the water and make it impossible for older more experienced swimmers to free themselves.
  • Diving/Diving Board Injuries – malfunctioning diving boards and diving in shallow water can result in serious head injuries and paralysis.
  • Electrical Defects – electrical issues combined with water can have devastating and even fatal consequences.

How to Protect Your Property

Install a 4-sided 4-foot fence that completely separates your home from the swimming pool area and surrounding areas of play. You can also consider additional security measures such as automatic door locks and alarms to prevent and notify you if there is an unsupervised entry into your pool area. Also, always remember to remove any portable pool ladders when the pool is not in use.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission also strongly recommends that you have the items listed below near your pool in case of emergencies:

  • Reach pole
  • Floatation devices
  • First aid kit
  • Scissors
  • Charged cell phone to dial 9-1-1

Your pool is usually covered under your homeowner’s insurance and may be sufficient to cover some minor pool-related injuries. You may want to consider an umbrella policy as added coverage. An umbrella policy will help protect your assets from a personal injury or property damage caused by you, family members or hazards on your property for which you are legally liable.

When You are Liable

You may be held liable for any personal injuries on your property if you are deemed negligent. This means if an injury occurs to an invited guest or child while they were unsupervised at the pool, you could be found negligent and liable for any medical bills because of treatment and medical care.

If you have been injured in a swimming pool accident, don’t sign or say anything. Contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. Attorney Charles V. Contrada will explain your legal options, guide you through the process.

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