The accident lawyers at Contrada & Associates help people get the compensation they deserve.

videothumb2In the 20th century, it is a sad fact that more people are injured by man-made products than by nature. For thousands of years, most injuries occurred on the farm, or the roads, and even by animals. As technology has increased, more accidents are now caused by technological inventions, particularly automobiles.

The odds of being involved in a car accident are high for everyone.  Luckily, most of the crashes are low impact, “fender-bender” encounters that involve repairing bumpers and side panels.  However, a small percentage of those involve injuries, serious injuries, and sometimes death.  In these instances, the car accident attorneys atContrada & Associates have helped people and families arrive at a dignified resolution.

Many times, people feel guilty pursuing an injury claim, even when it is not their fault. Here in Northwest Ohio, more often than not an injured victim does not seek legal counsel and never imagined they would ever have to hire a lawyer for an accident claim. However, the reality is that since tort reform, the insurance companies have become more and more aggressive in denying the rights of victims. Over the past 35 years, it has become much more challenging dealing with insurance companies on every level.

Helping you with more than car accidents

A devastating motorcycle, trucking or car accident injury can happen at any time, and at the law offices of Contrada & Associates, our personal injury attorneys represent clients throughout Northwest Ohio who have suffered injuries involving:

Motorcycles Accidents – These accidents are among the most dangerous to the victims because of how vulnerable the rider is at the point of impact. Unlike car and trucking accidents in which you are protected, motorcycle accidents almost always tend to result in serious injuries to the driver.

Trucking Accidents – Due to a crowded highway system, it is necessary for small cars and motorcycles to share the road with large commercial trucks, such as tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, tankers and piggy back trailers. Unfortunately, traffic volume and highway speeds make driving very dangerous, leading to countless accidents every year.

Automobile Accidents – Our car accident lawyers represent victims throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We help determine who is at fault and pursue a claim with the guilty party in your best interest.

If you are injured and you are having trouble dealing with an insurance company, do not hesitate to contact personal injury lawyer Charles Contrada, of Contrada & Associates.  For peace of mind and the representation you deserve regarding your motorcycle, truck or car accident, contact us today.