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Finding answers on Ohio motorcycle driver license rules

New to motorcycling, new to Ohio or just don’t know where to find the info you need on the Ohio motorcycle driver license? Here are all the details you might be searching for about your Ohio motorcycle driver’s license and ID Card (DL-ID) compiled by motorcycle accident attorneys Contrada and Associates.


Driver License Application Details

The Ohio BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) has information on:

Driver License Test Details

Ready for the motorcycle driver license test? Find out the differences between the skills test and other requirements for Over Age 18 and Under Age 18 applicants.

Do you have additional questions? Try social media. Go to the Ohio BMV Facebook page to ask not only the BMV but other motorcycle owners in Ohio.

Facts about Motorcycle Accidents

In Ohio, all motorcycle riders under 18 are required to wear a helmet, as are riders with a “novice license.” However, helmets are only 37% effective for drivers and 41% effective for passengers in preventing fatal injuries. In 2011, 4,612 motorcyclists were killed, while 81,000 were injured nationwide. The risk is high for riders, and it’s vital that you go to an experienced and dedicated law firm to represent you if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

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