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Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries from a Car Accident?

A question that car accident victims may have is whether or not they have coverage for injuries in the event that they are in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Health insurance should cover medical expenses that are related to your car accident, but the insurance company will normally expect to be reimbursed. Since the injuries are caused by another individual, the health insurance company would expect to receive a portion of the settlement that is given for the car accident, which is referred to as subrogation.

There are also instances in which your health insurance would pay for your medical expenses once your car insurance coverage has been exhausted.

Don’t Give Car Insurance Info to Medical Providers

There is an unfortunate trend of medical providers asking car accident victims for their car insurance information. Our car accident attorneys consider this to be unfortunate because hospitals ask car accident victims for this information sometimes as they are being wheeled into the emergency room on a backboard – they are not in the right state of mind and are not fully aware of why they are being asked this question, but they often answer anyway.

Giving your car insurance information to a medical provider can often result in them billing your car insurance company instead of your health insurance because they are able to get more money by going this route. However, this is not the best scenario for the individual who is being treated and may result in them experiencing a financial burden.

Healthcare Providers Billing Car Insurance

Oftentimes the medical providers refuse to bill the health insurance company in a car accident even though they are required to do so. Healthcare providers realize that they may be able to get more money billing the car insurance than by billing your health or medical insurance.

It is our personal injury attorney’s advice to never give any healthcare provider any information regarding car insurance. Give them your health insurance information only.

As we explained above, medical providers may ask for car insurance information right in the emergency room. If the medical provider does go through your car insurance for payment, they will get paid through the medical payments insurance of your policy that is meant for deductibles and copays. This can then result in you having to pay future medical bills out of your own pocket.

The situation explained above is yet another reason why hiring a car accident attorney is so important. They can help guide you through the legal process as it can become very complicated.

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