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Dog Bite Attack: What are my options?

Dog bite attacks can be very serious, often resulting in injuries as well as permanent damage. Our personal injury lawyers have seen the result of dog bite attacks that range from multiple scratches to permanent disfigurement.

Ohio’s dog bite law states that the owner of the dog is liable for the injury of another individual if it is caused by the dog. This means that if you are attacked by a dog and suffer injuries, you can pursue legal damages against the owner of the dog. However, most people cannot pay for medical bills and injuries, so unless there is home owners or renters insurance, most lawyers will not take the case because they will be unable to get you compensation. Usually the dog bite lawyers at our office would refer those individual to small claims court.

Dog Bite Claim

When involved in a dog bite attack, there are certain steps that our dog bite lawyers recommend taking in order to ensure that your claim will result in the compensation that is deserved.

Seek Medical Attention for a Dog Bite

The first thing t do after a dog bite attack is to seek medical attention. Generally most people choose to visit a doctor or emergency room for their dog bite injuries. This puts you in a better position for your health and they can professionally clean the wounds.

Take Photos of the Dog Bite Injuries

Take photos of the dog bite injuries before and after receiving medical attention. This will show evidence of the harm that the dog caused you after your injuries begin to heal. You will also want to present these photos to your personal injury lawyer.

Generally, if you go to the emergency room, they are required to report the dog bite.

File a Police Report

Filing a police report after a dog bite is required by Ohio law. This helps to support your dog bite injury claim, as well as prevent the dog from attacking another individual in the future. You can visit your local police station to file the report of where the dog bite attack happened, the date and time of the attack, where you suffered injuries, and the name and address of the dog owner.

Dog Bite Lawyers in Ohio

The personal injury lawyers at Contrada & Associates have helped dog bite victims to receive compensation for their injuries and the effect that the dog bite attack had on their lives. If you would like to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your dog bite attack, call our office at 419.841.4400. We will help you to file a dog bite claim and ultimately receive justice for your injuries while preventing the same thing from happening to another individual.

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