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Buying Motorcycle Insurance

Contrada & Associates has offered several pieces of advice when it comes to purchasing car insurance. Many motorists are not aware of the importance of purchasing insurance coverage that includes various policy components, protecting the driver and their family.

While car insurance coverage in general is a concern of attorney Charlie Contrada, as many motorists purchase policies based on price alone, motorcycle insurance coverage is also an important topic to inform readers about.

Unfortunately, many motorcyclists do not have the full amount of motorcycle insurance that they should. For the financial stability of the motorcyclist, it is imperative to ensure that the insurance coverage is good as we all know that motorcycle accidents occur all the time and oftentimes the injuries sustained can be very serious.

An issue that exists today when it comes to motorcycle insurance is that dealerships are offering insurance to individuals when they purchase their motorcycle. The motorcycle insurance coverage that is offered at the dealership is not guaranteed to actually be good coverage, so our motorcycle accident attorneys warn readers that they must look closely at the policy. You may want to contact your car insurance agent to ensure that you’re getting the coverage that you need.

Motorcycle insurance policies that are offered at a dealership could possibly be a stripped down policy that only includes liability coverage. The key thing about purchasing motorcycle insurance is to protect yourself, more so than in a car accident because the resulting injuries are so much more severe in a motorcycle accident. Some of the extra policy components that may not be included in policies offered by dealerships or quickly purchased online include the following:

Purchasing Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

As an attorney who has helped countless motorcycle accident victims after they have been involved in serious accidents, attorney Charlie Contrada cannot stress how important it is to discuss your motorcycle insurance coverage with an insurance agent. While there are many options available today to quickly purchase insurance online, you do not receive the necessary guidance and policy explanations. It is important to protect yourself when it comes to purchasing motorcycle insurance coverage, so discussing your policy face-to-face with an insurance agent is highly recommended.

If you have questions regarding your motorcycle insurance coverage, or would like to speak to a motorcycle accident attorney to discuss the options that you have after being involved in an accident, call 419.841.4400. Attorney Charlie Contrada will be able to give the guidance and legal advice that you need, ensuring that you take the proper steps to protect you and your family.

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