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Defective Drugs & Pharmaceutical Malpractice

A defective drug is either a prescription or an over-the-counter medication that has caused an individual harm. Injuries from a drug defect can be the result of many things, including the following:

  • Dangerous side effects – the drug could result in unwanted side effects due to insufficient research
  • Wrong prescription – your doctor could have prescribed the wrong prescription altogether, causing serious medical issues
  • Improperly filled – the pharmacist could have filled your prescription with the wrong medication or a dosage that is not prescribed

Defective Drug Causes injury

There are a variety of drugs that have been deemed ‘defective’ and have resulted in numerous lawsuits. There is a large range of effects that can occur from defective drugs, such as:

  • Negative interactions – certain drugs cannot be taken together, so if your doctor prescribed two drugs that result in negative interactions, there is a potential for serious injury
  • Risk of heart conditions – some drugs have been proven to increase an individual’s risk for heart conditions; if this occurs, seek a lawyer as soon as possible
  • Life-threatening conditions – some defective drugs have been linked to dangerous and life-threatening conditions like blood clots and the blockage of the pulmonary arteries
  • Birth defects – certain antidepressant drugs have been linked to birth defects that affect the heart, lungs, and may result in facial abnormalities

Filing a Defective Drug Lawsuit

If you or your loved one has been affected by the side-effects of a drug, whether it be due to an improper prescription or the pharmaceutical company’s failure to research the drug, you may be able to file a product liability claim. However, it is extremely difficult to bring a defective drug lawsuit because there are many Federal and State laws that prevent you from filing a claim even if you’ve been harmed. The first step in doing so is to seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

The personal injury attorneys at Contrada & Associates have helped countless individuals and families seek financial compensation for the injuries sustained due to the negligence of another, whether it is the fault of a drug company or a medical professional. To speak to an attorney about your experience with defective drugs or pharmaceutical malpractice, call our office at 419.841.4400.

Car Accident Caused by Defective Vehicle

With the increased number of recalls that exist on vehicles today, it’s no surprise that there are vehicle accidents that are caused by defective vehicles. There are several results of accidents that are caused by defective vehicles, including injury accidents or even fatal car accidents.

Vehicle Defects

There are several types of common vehicle defects that have the potential to cause car accidents. The defects can be due to a variety of things, such as the manufacturing process or even the basic design of the vehicle or a specific car part. Below is a list of common defects that often result in vehicle accidents:

  • Improper vehicle structure
  • Defective safety equipment – seatbelts, airbags
  • Defective brake system
  • Improper wiring of vehicle
  • Defective fuel system and tanks
  • Defective tires

Our personal injury attorneys remind any victim of a defective product to NOT dispose of the product after the incident occurs. In order to pursue damages for injuries sustained due to a defective product, the individual must physically have the defective product. This means that if you are involved in an accident which was caused by a defective car part (airbag, seatbelt, brakes, etc.), do not get rid of your vehicle. Your car is your only proof. You must be able to prove that there is a defect. If you have questions about the product that caused your injury and what you should do, call Contrada & Associates at 419.841.4400.

Recalled Vehicle Accidents

Automakers have the responsibility to provide the public with safe vehicles to drive. If they fail to do so, motorists are able to seek compensation for any injuries that may result from this.

We advise any individual who has suffered an injury from a defective vehicle part, especially if it has been recalled, to contact a personal injury attorney. When injuries occur due to the negligence of a company, manufacturer, or distributor, a legal claim can be made.

Defective Vehicle: Personal Injury Attorney

To speak to a personal injury attorney from Contrada & Associates about the defective vehicle or car part that caused your injury, call 419.841.4400. Our personal injury attorneys have helped countless victims of defective products to pursue legal claims for their injuries.

Faulty Medical Device Causes Injury

The term ‘medical device’ applies to countless types of medical equipment that individuals use during a treatment process. There are incidents in which patients experience injury from medical devices which constitutes a product liability claim.

What is a medical device?

A medical device is anything that is used by an individual to help throughout the treatment process. These devices are utilized for those suffering from a disease, illness, injury of some kind, or a disability. There have been various medical devices in the news as of late as they have caused injury to those who have used the device or had it implanted. Some of these examples include:

  • Faulty hip implants
  • Transvaginal mesh products
  • Defibrillators
  • Arterial stents

Medical Device Product Liability Claim

When a product liability claim is filed, it must result from one of three different causes:

  • Manufacture defects – the medical device is defective as a result of the manufacture process
  • Design defects – the design of the medical device caused it to become defective (can occur even when the device is manufactured properly)
  • Improper marketing – the marketing and promotional materials of the medical device was incorrect or misinforming

If you have suffered an injury due to a defective medical device, a personal injury lawyer will be able to determine which type of defect the medical device had. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is also critical to help you to prove that the medical device was the cause of the injury.

Product Liability Claim

There may be multiple defendants that can be named in your product liability claim depending on the defect of the medical device. A personal injury lawyer would include all those entities responsible for the defect. Examples of possible defendants in a medical device product liability claim include:

  • Medical device manufacturer
  • Medical laboratory
  • Medical sales representative
  • Doctor/Physician
  • Hospital/Treatment Facility
  • Medical device supplier

Product Liability Lawyer: Toledo, Ohio

If you or your loved one has suffered injury due to a defective medical device, it is very important to contact a personal injury lawyer with experience in product liability claims. The lawyers at Contrada & Associates have helped numerous victims of defective products. To learn what your options are and the legal steps that you should take, call 419.841.4400. You will be able to speak with a personal injury lawyer one-on-one and receive the legal guidance that you need.

Defective Product: Product Liability Claim

Defective product announcements enter the news on a daily basis. The products that can be defective and cause injury to an individual include everything from a vehicle, to a small appliance, to a small medical device.

If you or a loved one suffers injury due to a defective product, you may have several questions about your legal options. Below the product liability lawyers at Contrada & Associates have highlighted three important things to know if you believe that you have a products liability claim.

Product Liability Claim

  1. There are three main reasons for product liability lawsuits – design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects. When it comes to a design defect, there must be an obvious flaw in the design of the product while a manufacturing defect occurs during the actual manufacturing of the product. A marketing defect is defined as a failure to warn the consumer of the hazard that the product poses, or to provide incorrect safety instructions.
  2. Do not dispose of the defective product – you are unable to pursue a products liability claim without the defective product. Keep the product and any packaging or pieces that you may have and share them with your lawyer. Attorney Charlie Contrada was recently contacted by a potential client regarding a claim on the failure of airbags to deploy, but they already got rid of the vehicle. Because of this, the individual does not have a product liability claim.
  3. Take action before the statute of limitations is up – in Ohio, that statute of limitations is two years to pursue a defective products claim. Our products liability lawyers recommend seeking legal advice immediately following the incident in which the product causes injury. 

Product Liability Claim Lawyer

While our personal injury lawyers have highlighted three important things related to a defective product claim, there are several other details that an injured individual should know. We advise contacting a  product liability lawyer as soon as possible if an injury is caused by a defect, whether it is due to design, manufacturing, or marketing.

To speak to one of the lawyers at Contrada & Associates about your experience with a defective product, call 419.841.4400. Our product liability lawyers will explain the options that you have regarding the injuries sustained.

Defective Product Caused Personal Injury

There are several things that can happen to someone if they are injured by a defective product. The results of such products can not only include personal injury, but also death. The personal injury lawyers at Contrada & Associates help victims of defective products file legal claims and seek compensation for the injuries that have affected their lives.

Contrada & Associates has extensive experience with product liability claims. This specific type of claim is issued when a defective product causes injury to an individual. The injuries that may result from defective products vary, but may include things such as fractured bones, severe sprains, burns, blindness, and serious injuries to the head.

Product Defect Liability

The manufacturer or seller of a product may be held liable in a product defect claim. Reasons for product liability lawsuits include the following:

  • Design defects – obvious flaw in design that caused individual harm
  • Manufacturing defects – defects in the manufacturing of the product
  • Marketing defects – failure to warn of hazards related to the product; improper safety instructions (example: cars, tires, small appliances)

When injured by a defective product, our personal injury lawyers remind you to NOT dispose of that product. It is imperative that you keep the defective product and take photos of the product itself and the injuries that it caused. You must have the product to pursue a defective products claim.

Personal Injury: Product Liability Claim

If you have by injured after using a defective product, you have the right to pursue a product liability claim. The first step in pursuing a claim and seeking compensation for the injuries that you’ve sustained is to contact a personal injury lawyer with extensive knowledge and experience in product liability.

Contrada & Associates handles claims involving defective products and have helped many victims receive compensation for the injuries they have sustained. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that they are fully informed throughout the entire legal process. To speak to a personal injury lawyer at our office, call 419.841.4400 and will be able to review your accident and injury directly with a lawyer and learn the next steps that you should take toward compensation.

Defective Bike Causes Injury

Many individuals choose bicycling as their mode of transportation, or they may bicycle as part of their active lifestyle. For those who spend a lot of time on their bike, traveling on either roadways or trails, a defective component of a bicycle could cause serious injury.

Some of the common defects on a bike that can lead to serious injury include the following:

  • Designs that cause chains to easily fall off
  • Defective bike tires
  • Defective tire tubes
  • Faulty bike frame
  • Handlebars that break off
  • Assembly issues
  • Cracked bike pedals
  • Faulty suspension forks
  • Faulty front locking wheel

Types of Bicycle Defects

There are three main types of bicycle defects that often result in injuries.

  1. Defective Bicycle Design – poorly designed bicycles that cause injury
  2. Defective Bicycle Manufacturing – defects that occurring during the manufacturing process
  3. Failure to Warn – a failure to prevent accidents by providing proper instructions

If you or your loved one is involved in a bicycle defect accident and suffers injury as a result, it is important to contact a bicycle accident attorney after receiving medical attention. Documenting the injuries sustained from the bicycle defect is important to the outcome of your personal injury claim.

If you suffer an injury from a bicycle defect, it is imperative to keep the bike. Do not dispose of it. It is fatal to your case if you don’t have the bicycle – you need the defective product. If the product that caused you injury goes into the trash, so does your claim.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

Contrada & Associates has helped bicycle accident victims in the past and can help you or your loved one to receive the deserved compensation for the accident. We believe in holding companies and manufacturers responsible for the defective products that they offer to the public and by holding them accountable, our bicycle accident attorneys are able to prevent future accidents from occurring.

To speak to one of the bicycle accident attorneys at Contrada & Associates, call 419.841.4400. You will have the chance to speak directly with an attorney about the bicycle accident that occurred and receive guidance regarding the legal steps that you should take.